Celebrating Earth Day with Carapelli Olive Oil

Carapelli Olive Oil and their all natural and Organic oils are supporting our Earth Day Celebration at Taranta. From April 22 to April 25, we have designed a 4 course tasting menu featuring Carapelli, cost per person in $49 not including beverages, tax and gratuity. All table must participate and reservations are required. For menu information click here

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Naturizzata Sparkling Water by Sidea

We have changed our Natura machine for a Naturizzata Italian water filtration system by Sidea, we had some issues with Natura and we were approached by Atlas Water System that is representing the Naturizzata machines, producing the best alternative to bottled water. No carbon footprint, we reuse the bottles and the system has a UV Light that assures a delicious taste. A super sustainable product, besides saving space and eliminating the recycling of a glass bottle, the system is a win win for a restaurant. For more information about the system click here

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Takagi Tankless Water Heaters – Do not purchase!

As this Blog serves as a tool to inform you of all the Eco-friendly changes we made, results and savings, I feel I also have to let everybody know of what works and what does not. We decided to use Takagi, during the sizing and equipment selection Takagi and the Plumber undersized the unit, having to remove a TM1 and install 3 TK3’s. The cost of the undersized unit was going to be reimbursed to me by Takagi in means of parts or other equipment, a total of $1,850.   We installed 3  TK3 units and one of them stop working 2 weeks ago. I tried to reach the TAKAGI regional office in New Jersey and the Senior Tech Mr. Mike Little who knew about the exchange issue never returned calls, Same thing with Mr. Jeff Young from J&K Sales in New Hampshire, their local rep. I called the plumber that installed the units and he said he will not service TAKAGI any longer as they are not being responsible for the product guarantee and there is no more “guarantee” the product. We bought them apparently with a 5 year guarantee. I was finally put in contact with TAKAGI Corporate and their customer service department and I was told they were not responsible for the equipment exchange! The customer service rep argued that it was someone else’s fault, besides being rude and not helpful. Now I am not only left with a minus $1,850 but with cold water and a broken heater that no plumber wants to service, as plumbers claim they are too complicated to fix and parts are not available and expensive. I have done about 15 public and private presentations “promoting” Takagi and explaining their technology, some of them for National Grid and the National Restaurant Association, besides using them as an example for TV and media pieces including Kraft Foodservice.  I am not happy about the way Takagi handled this situation!

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Activeion, a revolutionary way to save money, clean and sanitize while reducing your CO2 footprint


Learned about this product trough the Green Restaurant Association Newsletter, the hand spray gun uses tap water and utilizes a charge from a battery pack that is rechargeable.  The principle is to “Activate” the water with ions and nano stuff, a complicated process that is explained in detail on their website www.activeion.com. Tap water is converted into a powerful cleaning and sanitizing solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria!! We intend to eliminate the use of bleach, ammonia, windex, etc etc, We will use to clean surfaces, windows, furniture, and to sanitize working spaces in our kitchen. Probably one of the most revolutionary eco friendly  cleaning products I have ever purchased. It is not a cheap product, it goes for about $300 but adding all the cleaning products we buy and we consume the cost indicates immediate return on the investment. And also there is a whole environmental benefit behind using it, not only because is not toxic but because we are becoming more sustainable by not having to bring more products that go through manufacture, packaging, transportation, and all the energy used to be produced until arrives to your restaurant.

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Installed 3 Ecobee Wifi Internet Controllable Thermostats


The new Ecobee thermostat allow us to remote control temperature in our restaurant, avoiding waste of energy during times that we do not need AC/Heat. We are also able to program a detailed schedule and manage the schedule, send messages to the units, real time weather forecasts, get alerts when is too hot or too cold. For more information visit www.ecobee.com

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Use of Ecofont in all our printed menus

We are now using Ecofont as a resource to minimize ink use, the font has been  developed by SPRANQ, based on a hunch of Colin Willems. We can reduce ink consumption by 20% using the font. For more information and downloads go to http://www.ecofont.eu/splash_en_pro.html

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WES-1000 Sloan Waterfree Urinal Installed

We have installed a waterless urinal in the mens bathroom, the Urinal reduce water and sewer costs, maintenance and repair bills, and create more hygienic, odor-free restrooms. A Sealed Cartridge eliminates the need for water, typically conserving 40,000 gallons per unit per year. Installing Waterfree Urinals ensures meaningful water savings. In addition, Waterfree Urinals do not  require costly supply piping to fixture. The cartridge acts as a funnel directing flow through the liquid sealant, preventing any odors from escaping.  Next, the cartridge collects sediment, allowing the remaining waste to pass freely down the drain. The heavy-duty cartridge is the main component and is installed at the base of the urinal. A biodegradable sealant liquid is contained within the cartridge. A barrier is formed between the drain and the open air by the liquid sealant, eliminating odors. The cartridge is designed to collect uric sediment. The remaining liquid, which is non-corrosive and free of hard water, is allowed to flow into the drainage pipe.  The result: no wasted water and an odor-free environment.  Maintenance is performed by replacing the cartridge after 7000 uses with a provided key. One more step to our water conservation commitment.

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Chef Jose Duarte featured as a case study for Kraft Foodservice Business Solutions

Kraft Foodservice, Business Soultions features Taranta and some of the EcoFriendly changes.  Click here to view the page

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Sloan Dual Flush Flushometer – Bathroom install

We have just installed 2  water conserving fixtures in the ladies restroom to help save water. By installing these new water saving devices we are continuing our Eco Friendly efforts.
The new valves have a Dual-Flush feature which can save up to a 1/2 a gallon of water per flush. Depending on the need, you can either tilt the handle UP for  a reduced flush – this is for  times when you are only flushing liquid and light paper waste. Or, you can tilt the handle Down for a full flush – this is for solid waste. These new Dual-Flush valves can save a tremendous amount of water, but only if  they are used properly. Also the new handles on the valves are Green; the handles are coated with specially formulated antimicrobial coating to protect against germs.
imagesSloan dual flush

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Installed 3 Bricor BO64 PRV 0.64 gpm @ 60 psi

Bricor 0.64 gpmAs technology advances we see the need of continuing our efforts to conserve water. We have recently changed our pre rinse valves from a 2.65 gpm, to a T & S Brass of 1.24 gpm, we made an entry in our blog about the potential savings with that valve. Two weeks ago we were given by National Grid, 3 Bricor BO64 PRV that restricts the flow of water to 0.64 gallons per minute, there is more pressure on the rinse and we are expecting to cut in a half our average pre rinse hot water consumption now, so we are going from 1.24 gpm to 0.64 gpm, we expect additional savings in water, sewer and gas.

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